Remote training plans, sessions, and consults.


Looking to get moving and gain strength? Need a bit of structure and guidance from a reliable professional? As a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and having worked with clients of all abilities, I bring a depth of knowledge and experience to create your custom training plan. Contact me to see how I can be of service to you!



I’m here to get you stronger, moving better, and feeling better through remote training programs.


What My Clients Have to Say!

I signed up with Juliet in the middle of my own training program. I had hit a plateau that could not be beat by the Anderson Brother's method or the rock prodigy method. The only thing to get me out of my rut was training with Juliet.


She focused on neglected muscle groups with insightful training methods that elevated me above my own expectations. She had the expertise to guide me through conventional exercises and raise my potential past what I'd expected. If you want to push yourself past what you'd imagined possible- train with Juliet.

Robert F

Juliet is encouraging and friendly, which immediately put my worries at ease as someone who has never worked with a trainer. Her online plans are easy to understand and she provides incredibly thorough and timely feedback along the way. I needed extra help with a form issue and she had both patience and creative solutions to help me.

I made significant gains in my baseline strength through Juliet's training. My program with her bridged the gap between loss of baseline strength after being medically cleared from an injury to having my best performance in climbing to date.

Chelsea A

I've been working with Juliet as my personal coach for the past 8 months and I am incredibly happy with her coaching. Her expertise in the area of strength training and conditioning, nutrition, and sports training motivation is vast and will not let you down. I highly recommend Juliet to be your coach if you are looking for a training partnership that will motivate you to continue improving.


Juliet is also a kickass climber who really understands how to blend the worlds of weightlifting based strength training with the sport specific exercises a lot of climbers already do. If you want to take your strength game to the next level, Juliet is the trainer to do it with.

Mateus M

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